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Who are we ?

Weddings Creation is a Wedding Planner agency in Geneva, specialized for more than 5 years in the organization of weddings and wedding planning in Geneva and in Switzerland.

We are here to help you organize the wedding of your dreams. Our goal is to do absolutely everything to make sure that your wedding will live up to your expectations and remain forever engraved in your memory.

Quality, trust and transparency are our watchwords. You can count on us to respect and optimize the budget that you will have at your disposal for your wedding, no matter its size.

We take in charge the complete organization of your wedding, the partial organization of this one, or the coordination of the D-day. Our goal is to help you find: a place for your wedding, a reception hall, a caterer / buffet, a cake / a showpiece, a photographer or your wedding rings by way of the animation or the DJ that you will like or finally the right theme for your wedding. All this, without counting also the preparation and the sending of the invitations for your guests or to set up the decoration for your wedding, as well as to arrange it the day after your wedding.

Our pleasure will be to make you happy and satisfied with our service. Your smiles will be our most beautiful gifts.

In summary, if you wish to organize your wedding in Geneva or elsewhere in Switzerland, whether you are looking for a Planner / Wedding Planner / Wedding Organizer / Wedding Agency, etc. for the organization of your wedding, contact us and we will be happy to organize a first meeting to listen to your needs.

Our Wedding Planner and wedding planning services in Geneva

As a Wedding Planner in Geneva, we are also here for the following points of your wedding

Wedding Planner Genève - Traiteur pour mariage

Caterer for wedding in Geneva

Choosing a caterer for your wedding in Geneva is not easy.

It is necessary to take into account the constraints of your guests and to pay attention to intolerances for example. We have vegetarian caterers, who can also offer you lactose-free or gluten-free buffets for your wedding. But also, our Wedding Planner have contacts if you wish to get an Italian caterer, a Lebanese caterer, an Indian caterer or an Asian caterer. Don’t bother looking for it yourself and leave it to us !

Wedding Planner Genève - Gâteau _ pièce-montée

Wedding cake for wedding in Geneva

Choosing a cake for your wedding in Geneva is a complex task. There are so many different types of cakes, with different qualities as well. Choose whether you want an ice cream cake or a chocolate profiterole cake. Wedding planners have enough experience in this field to find the right cake for your wedding in Geneva that best suits your needs.

Wedding Planner Genève - Photographe

Photographer / Filmmaker for wedding in Geneva

The photos and videos of your wedding will allow you to recall unforgettable memories and engraved forever in your memory. Our Wedding Planner can help you find the right photographer for your wedding in Geneva. The one who will know how to immortalize this unique moment where the wedding ring will be passed to the fingers of your partner.

Wedding Planner Genève - Invitations

Invitations for wedding in Geneva

Creating and sending invitations for your wedding in Geneva can be complicated and time consuming. Don’t worry, we are here for that! The Wedding Planner will help you calculate the ideal number of guests for your wedding, design your invitation cards with you and send them out for you.

Wedding Planner Genève - Alliance pour mariage

Alliances for wedding in Geneva

The wedding rings you choose will be the rings you will wear on your finger for the rest of your life. It is important to choose the right wedding ring for your wedding in Geneva. This is why our Wedding Planner can guide you and get you preferential prices when choosing your wedding ring.

Wedding Planner Genève - Décoration de fleurs

Decoration for wedding in Geneva

What theme to choose for the decoration of your wedding in Geneva? White or pink ? Where to look for the decoration ? Our wedding planners have a wide range of decorations and furniture to offer you for your wedding in Geneva. Come visit our warehouse and choose the decoration of your dreams for this magical day.

Animation for wedding in Geneva

The entertainment for your wedding in Geneva is a crucial point of your event. A wedding can quickly become boring for your guests. We advise you to call upon professionals for the animation of your wedding, so that this evening remains memorable for your guests. Let our Wedding Planner guide you to find the entertainment that will best suit your needs.

Wedding Planner Genève - DJ

DJ for wedding in Geneva

In connection with the animation of your wedding, it will also be necessary to find a provider to set the mood during your wedding. Finding a DJ for your wedding in Geneva is a « must-have » if you want your guests to party all night long! Our wedding planners know DJs of all styles and eras of music. They will be able to advise you on the DJ that best suits your musical tastes for your wedding.

Wedding Planner Genève - Lieu à Genève

Venue for wedding in Geneva

Let yourself be carried away by the magic of Geneva! Geneva is a city full of beautiful places for your wedding. The banks of the lake with the jet d’eau and an incredible sunset, the romantic setting of the Parc des eaux-vives or a touch of romance with a wedding in the vineyards. Trust us to find the most appropriate venue for your wedding in Geneva. If you wish to find a venue, please read our FAQ.

Wedding Planner Genève - Saison pour mariage

Reception room for wedding in Geneva

Once the official wedding ceremony is over, your guests will have to be taken to a reception hall. Finding a wedding reception hall in Geneva is not an easy task. However, our Wedding Planner has all the necessary contacts to meet your needs. We have already organized weddings all over the city of Geneva.

Some images of magical moments lived by our customers thanks to our Wedding Planner in Geneva

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